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How to get around Lisbon, prices, tips. On this eBook you can find anything you need for your trip.

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By downloading this eBook, you will find more information about the lunch we are organizing for 50 Digital Marketers at Casa do Alentejo.


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Who are we?

Lisbon Digital School was founded this year by Virgínia Coutinho, former Facebook and Socialbakers employee.
Currently, our main focus is the Portuguese market and we are already considered a benchmark on the training area. However, we are already planning various courses in english starting in 2019 with the aim to create a leading European School on Digital Marketing arena with a hands-on-approach as well as relevant thematic areas. We already launched some masterclasses in English in areas like E-commerce, Data Studio and Data Attribution. Find more about them in our eBook.
Our trainers work in enterprises such as Google, L'óreal, Publicis One, El Corte Inglés, Le Roy Merlin, Mindshare or Comon.

Digital Marketers Network Lunch

We are organizing a Digital Marketers Lunch in Lisbon on the 5th of November.
The places are limited so if you would like to know more and join us, follow the link below:

Digital Marketer Lunch 5th November